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Faaborg Pharma

carbamide 10%


carbamide cream 10% (22% fat content) contains carbamide, also called urea. It is a well-known substance with a particularly well-documented ability to retain water in the skin, thereby significantly increasing the moisture in the skin.

Carbamide is one of the body's own, natural substances. It effectively preserves moisture in the skin by reducing water evaporation and thus strengthens the skin's barrier function.

In addition, carbamide cream 10% has a softening effect on the dry skin on the face and on the whole body, so that it appears well-groomed and soft after use.

carbamide cream 10% is basic skin care for the whole family.

Developed and produced, in the southern Funen market town of Faaborg, based on traditional pharmacy values ​​of pure, safe and effective ingredients in a concentration that has proven effectiveness.

Completely without perfume and unnecessary ingredients. Because we know what skin does best.

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Aqua (water), Paraffinum Liquidum (fatty), Urea (moisturizing), Cetaryl Alcohol (fatty and emulsifying), Cetyl Alcohol (emulsifying), Glyceryl Stearate (emulsifying), PEG-75 Stearate (emulsifying), Ceteth-20 (emulsifying) , Steareth-20 (emulsifying).


The best effect is achieved when the skin is applied immediately after bathing, while it is still slightly damp.

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carbamide 10%