About Faaborg Pharma

Faaborg Pharma has been a leader in the field of skin care remedies since 2001. This skin is the body´s largest organ. That is why it is important to care for your skin with clean, safe products and to apple creams that are nutritious and protective.

Skin care for the whole family

Faaborg Pharma´s products are some of the mildest, cleanest and most protective imaginable. Faaborg Pharma´s products are regarded as a safe choice, given that they are free of problematic ingredients. That makes them ideal for the whole family. They are responsible, hypoallergenic products that care for the most common skin problems – mildly and effectively. Skin care is meant to help your – not bother you. As your guarantee, several of the products carry the AllergyCertified logo.

Skin care thats work

Whatever the product, they all have one thing in common. They contain no fragrances. Because we know what is best for the skin. That does not mean that Faaborg Pharma´s products are less effective. The key is to develop skin care products that contain no suspicious ingredients, but still work.

“We do our utmost only to produce with top quality ingredients, proportioned according to the problem to be solved. They are developed with total consideration for the health of consumer´s”, Pharmacist Sten Grønved, Director and Owner of Faaborg Pharma

Faaborg Pharma´s products are based on the traditional pharmacy values of pure, safe ingredients. Naturally we continue to keep abreast of developments, and constantly add new ingredients, the effects of which have been tried and tested. We also use them in our skincare products. Well-known, well-documented ingredients are a common feature of all Faaborg Pharma products. In this context we add only the necessary active ingredients in a concentration that has a proven effect.

”I am immensely proud of the fact that everything is made in Denmark and of the jobs we create. Faaborg Pharma is all about Danish expertise and quality, and we develop and produce effective, gentle skincare products”, Pharmacist Sten Grønved, Director and Owner of Faaborg Pharma

Skin care Made in Denmark

When we say that Faaborg Pharma products are Made in Denmark, it is not just a catchy slogan. All our skin care products are actually made in Denmark. Only some of the ingrediens are sourced from all over the world.

Faaborg Pharma is located in the southern Funen with a total staff of 11. Here we design, develop and produce all the products under controlled, ISO-certified conditions. This ensures that the quality and safety are always what they should be, since we can follow the process closely in the knowledge that our products are made in the very best conditions.

Every single Faaborg Pharma product is based on an old recipe, an idea or a demand from consumers. It is from this starting point that product development begins, where the product is created and refined, and where we crack the code for achieving the high efficacy and perfect consistency that characterises all of Faaborg Pharma´s products. This can often be a long journey, as we are only satisfied once the product has been tested and altered until it cannot be improved any further.