Sun in moderation. Hyperpigmentation results from overproduction of melanin. Melanin is the substance that lends your skin colour and also helps protect the skin from harmful UV light and absorbs colour from the skin. Overproduction of melanin, however, causes a stained, uneven skin colour in order to protect the skin from UV light. Pigment changes occur as a result carelessness in sun, so pigment spots can be prevented. Use ULTIMATE face cream – SPF 20 and avoid the powerful midday sun, thereby avoiding the development of new pigment spots.

How to protect your skin from the winter cold. When the winter cold begins, many people find that their skin has a strong reaction to the radical change from warm to cold weather. Maybe you have found your skin getting dry and, worst of all, peeling. Not only does the destroyed skin get itchy and irritating, but there is also an increased risk of infection, because the skin’s protective capacity is diminished. Many people’s experience of dry, damaged skin comes from the combination of biting cold outdoors and the warm heat from radiators indoors. When skin dries out it acquires microscopic cracks, into which microorganisms can penetrate. That is why it is important to choose a cream that does not contain fragrance or other harmful ingredients. Look for AllergyCertified products such as those produced by Faaborg Pharma. You should look after your dry, winter skin with a fatty cream that penetrates, nurtures and helps regeneration: for example, helo cream.

There is no such thing as ‘Vitamin B’. There are many varieties of this vitamin. You may begin to see the first changes in your skin (in other words, the lines you maybe glimpsed in your 20s) getting a bit deeper, though without any specific wrinkles. The first lines often appear on the forehead and near the brows. To prevent wrinkles and fine lines, there is a key ingredient: Vitamin B3. You will find Vitamin B3, also known as niacinamide, in the ULTIMATE facial care range. Vitamin B3 has a proven ability to penetrate deep into the skin’s layer, and has a proven effect on wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation changes. You will also encounter provitamin B5 in many of our products: for example Tattoo aftercare. Upon contact with the skin, it is converted into Vitamin B5, which is necessary for the skin to function optimally. It has a regenerating, repairing, moisturising and protective effect.

Daily cleansing leads to more beautiful skin (and it only takes a few seconds). It may be tempting to jump straight into bed after a long day. However, whether or not you use makeup, it is important to cleanse your skin thoroughly before going to bed. During the day, an invisible film of dirt, sweat and air pollution accumulates on your skin. It closes the pores in your skin if you do not cleanse the skin and remove any makeup before going to bed. Clogged pores can eventually lead to a sad, lifeless skin tone. If you cleanse your skin every night, it will calm down, allowing the natural repair process to take place. Clean pores ensure that your skin absorbs and utilises the good ingredients with which you care for it, so it stays soft, elastic and shiny. There are different types of cleansing products. But what is most important is to choose one, which you enjoy using and which you can use safely on your skin. Choose a cleansing mousse (for example, ULTIMATE cleansing mousse) or go for a quick and easy solution: ULTIMATE micellar water, which is ready to use and does not require the use of water.

Syricalm is a key ingredient. Syricalm is a carefully selected ingredient in many of Faaborg Pharma’s products, because it has particularly effective properties. For example, the active ingredient remedies the discomfort associated with itchy, irritated skin. It also has a calming effect and helps reduce facial redness. Syricalm is an ingredient in products such as Relief Sunburn Gel and the ULTIMATE facial care range.

Take care of your child’s delicate skin. When born, your baby’s skin is particularly soft, velvety, fine and therefore delicate, sensitive and vulnerable. Even when healthy, the skin barrier is far from impermeable. Given this situation, parents must be very careful about babies’ skin. It is naturally delicate and can lead to all sorts of concerns. That is why it is crucial to choose the safest skincare products for your baby. helo cream and helo baby ointment are formulated with the fewest possible ingredients, selected for their perfect tolerance, AllergyCertified, dermatologically tested and suitable for even the most delicate of children’s skin.

Goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines. There are a number of active substances, which have a proven effect on wrinkles and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid is the skin’s smoothing iron. In the skin’s connective tissue there are considerable amounts of hyaluronic acid, but with age, production decreases. But this can be compensated for in part with the right skincare products from the ULTIMATE range. Skin will always age, but the process can be delayed by helping it retain moisture and stimulating it to form more of its own collagen. So hyaluronic acid is great at helping your skin to stay moisturised, elastic and resilient.

Do you care about what you apply to your skin? You can place Faaborg Pharma’s products in your bathroom cabinet with perfect confidence. Finding the right skincare products can sometimes feel like a jungle. Particularly for those of us with delicate, sensitive skin it is important that the products we pop in our baskets will also be good for our skin when we get home. If you want to avoid fragrance and unnecessary chemicals, before anything it might be a good idea to drop by your chemist and get their advice. If you buy Faaborg Pharma skincare products, you can also be 100% certain that they are fragrance free. Many of them are even AllergyCertified. By choosing products displaying the AllergyCertified logo, you can be confident that AllergyCertified’s toxicologist has reviewed every ingredient in the product and carried out a risk assessment.

SOS for vulnerable skin. Regardless of how much you moisturise certain areas, your skin can still feel dry, rough and cracked, and special care is required. helo SOS ointment has a protective effect on the skin’s barrier and can help keep your skin intact. It contains provitamin B5. Upon contact with the skin, this is converted into Vitamin B5, which is necessary for the skin to function optimally. It has a regenerating, repairing, moisturising and protective effect. Almond oil has a protective, moisturising and softening effect and has antioxidant properties.