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Faaborg Pharma

helo® baby ointment


helo® baby ointment from Faaborg Pharma is a healing, protective and drying ointment which is made to care for skin with tendencies towards irritation and redness, e.g. red baby bums.

It contains active ingredients such as zinc, which soothes the red baby bottom quickly and effectively. Already after a few treatments.

A baby's skin can often be bothered by water, urine, sweat and other skin irritants.

It contains a high fat content (67% fat content), which protects the baby's skin against the aforementioned skin irritations.

Vaseline protects and softens the skin, while zinc has a healing and drying effect (20% zinc content).

Lanolin is one of the ointment's softening and protective fats, and is very similar to the skin's own fat.


Petrolatum (greasing), Lanolin (greasing), Zinc Oxide (drying), Aqua (water).


The A flask

The product is rated ' A-flask ' in the Kemiluppen from the Consumer Council Tænk Kemi. Read more at:

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helo® baby ointment