Faaborg Pharma has been a leader in problem-solving skin care for very dry and irritated skin since 2001. At that time, pharmacist and pharmacist Sten Grønved got the idea to give people with problem skin a better quality of life using mild and allergy-friendly products. Sten Grønved therefore set about mixing different creams with different composition, consistency, lubrication properties and effects - meaning that it should be Danish produced, be mild and at the same time work. The products have been developed for the quality-conscious consumer with normal and slightly dry skin who is simply looking for allergy-friendly moisture care of the highest quality.

Honest skin care with effect

Regardless of the product, they all have one thing in common. They contain no perfume, dyes or unnecessary chemicals. Skin care should help you - not bother you.

Faaborg Pharma's products are based on traditional pharmacy values ​​of clean and safe ingredients. Of course, we are still following developments, and new ingredients are being added all the time that have a proven effect. We also use them in our skin care products. Well-known and well-documented ingredients are a common feature of all Faaborg Pharma products. Here we only add the necessary active ingredients in a concentration that has a proven effect.

Honest skin care for the whole family

Faaborg Pharma's products are some of the mildest, cleanest and most protective you can imagine in skin care. Therefore, Faaborg Pharma's skin care products are also considered a safe choice free of problematic ingredients, as all the products are hypoallergenic and without perfume and dyes. You can therefore safely use our products on the dear little ones without worrying about unnecessary chemicals. As your guarantee, several of Faaborg Pharma's products carry the Recommended by dermatologists logo.

Honest skin care produced in Faaborg

It is not just a catchy slogan when we say that Faaborg Pharma is Made in Denmark. Faaborg Pharma is located in the southern Funen market town of Faaborg with a total of 19 employees. Here, all the products are designed, developed and produced under controlled ISO-certified conditions. See our new certification logo at the bottom of the website. This ensures that the quality and safety are always in order, as we can follow the process closely and know that our products are created under the best conditions.

Every single Faaborg Pharma product is started with an old recipe, an idea or a wish from consumers. From here, product development begins, where the product is shaped, refined and the code is cracked to achieve the high effect and perfect consistency that characterizes all Faaborg Pharma skin care products. And it can be a long journey, because we are only satisfied when the product has been tested and has the desired effect.