Marselis series

The marselis series is a simple and effective daily skin care series.
The series consists of a cleansing foam, base cream, body lotion, day cream with SPF 30 and a night cream.

The special feature of this series is that the cleansing foam, day cream, night cream and body lotion are all enriched with niacinamide (vitamin B3). The substance effectively fights visible signs of aging and evens out pigment differences, as well as strengthens and tightens the skin, after which the skin's elasticity is improved.
The cleansing foam effectively and gently cleanses the skin of dirt, without having a drying effect. The body lotion ensures that the skin feels soft and supple all day, the day cream protects your skin from sun damage and the night cream adds intense moisture and nourishment to the skin during the night.

marselis cream is the dermatologist's original cream, which is inspired by the original recipe from Marselis Hospital. The cream has a moisturizing and softening effect, and is ideal for use by the whole family - both young and old.