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Faaborg Pharma

helo® cream


Used as preventive and daily care for very dry and irritated skin on the whole body.

Preferably several times a day as needed.

Can be used directly on the very dry and irritated skin after a bath, where the skin is still slightly moist and more receptive to care.

At the same time, the cream becomes easier to spread when applied all over the body

It nourishes and moisturizes the skin with its content of few - but delicious fat and moisturizing ingredients.

It softens and places a protective layer on the skin, which thereby helps retain moisture by reducing the evaporation of water from the skin's surface.

Penetrates quickly and nourishes and protects the skin against external influences such as water, wind and weather.

Result: The skin is left soft, well cared for and nourished without a greasy feeling.


Aqua (water), Paraffinum Liquidum (degreasing), Cetearyl Alcohol (emulsifying and degreasing), Glycerin (moisturizing), Cetyl Alcohol (degreasing and emulsifying), Cetrimonium Bromide (preservative).


Did you know that by knocking the jar down on the table a few times, the cream lies correctly and can therefore be drawn up more easily via the pump function.

The A flask

The product is rated ' A-flask ' in the Kemiluppen from the Consumer Council Tænk Kemi. Read more at:

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helo® cream
helo® cream
helo® cream
helo® cream